Fans from 1 to 92 discover the magic of Arthur Christmas when Santa's workshop goes digital

We were asked to create a digital marketing campaign for the movie, Arthur Christmas that targeted both kids and parents. What we presented synthesized the wide reach of digital, incorporating both web and mobile strategies. The site served as Mission Control for all campaign digital operations, initiating visitors into the secret operations at the North Pole and — of course — the family behind the magic of Christmas.


In various sections of the site, we developed interactive features aimed at different groups within our target demographic. For users with an interest in the latest technological developments of the North Pole, the Elf Locker feature provides detailed information on exclusive, mission gadgets. Users who want to join Santa's team of elves can use the Elf Creator feature to customize the appearance of their very own elf and place it in a setting from the film and then share it on Facebook.


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Since our target demographic enjoys games, we made sure our site supplied brand-focused interactive features suitable for multiple age groups.

  • Players are challenged to fly Santa's sleigh across the sky, staying on course and dropping presents in the accurate target coordinates.

  • The elves encourage players to load Santa's high-tech sleigh by using their keyboard to rotate gifts into a complete row.

  • The elves are prepared for any mode of present delivery. Players must position and launch elves onto rooftops, using the stars as their guide. Bonus points are collected for launches that collect candies and presents while in flight.

  • Players are tasked to wrap as many presents as possible in a given time frame. Players succeed by selecting wrapping accessories that duplicate those of example gifts. Difficulty of gameplay varies depending on a player's gift wrapping aptitude.


Conveyor Belt Madness gives players an elf perspective of Santa’s high-tech sorting system. Players tap to open and close gates on the conveyor belt to safely navigate the presents from Santa's workshop to the factory chutes below. Players who do well are challenged with more presents to navigate.

Originally designed in Flash for desktop play, the Conveyor Belt Madness game held such appeal that we decided to recreate it for iPad. As a browser-based HTML5 game, Conveyor Belt Madness earned industry recognition and was featured as FWA’s "Mobile of the Day."

The digital campaign for Arthur Christmas captured the imagination of audiences, generating buzz around this original take on a classic holiday theme.


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