A limited theatrical re-release of the original Ghostbusters generates mass hysteria among fans

We were asked to design and execute a digital marketing strategy to spearhead the campaign for a limited theatrical re-release of the original Ghostbusters. The goal was to draw audiences to a limited-engagement re-release of Ghostbusters that consisted of three, Thursday night screenings in October 2011.


and Twitter

Our strategy leveraged what we already knew about fans of the brand, specifically their willingness to engage in activities and events associated with Ghostbusters and sharing these experiences across forums and fan pages. Since the campaign's success depended on the reach of a social community comprised of such fans, we directed fans from brand-affiliated accounts onto one, consolidated Facebook page that served as the hub of our campaign.


We devised an editorial calendar for Facebook and Twitter that leveraged the movie's memorable characters, dialogue and set pieces to draw conversation and excitement around the brand. This social strategy was supported by a press release and two email newsletters sent to promote the re-release of the movie. We also created a Facebook ticketing application, housed on a tab on the official Ghostbusters Facebook page so fans would have quick access to the information they needed to purchase tickets, all in one central location. The app accounted for over 82,000 page views of showtime results, with over 3,000 fans clicking to buy tickets directly through the app. In addition to the ticketing widget, we created notes which lived on a tab within the Facebook page and detailed every screening by city.


On October 13, 2011, the first day of the re-release, Sony Pictures deployed the Ecto-1 to drive the streets of Hollywood in the afternoon before parking outside Arclight Cinemas during the screening. To publicize this promotion, we delivered the entire event to our social audiences by shadowing the Ecto-1 throughout the day and capturing photos while crafting copy for live tweet and Facebook updates.




We partnered with GetGlue to offer users limited edition stickers for viewing the trailer and checking into a screening. Of the 53,000 fans who checked in, 62% unlocked stickers of their favorite Ghostbuster, accounting for a potential social media reach of 22.4 million impressions based on Facebook and Twitter posts that shared check-in and sticker activity. The early success of the GetGlue partnership opened the door for additional, cross-marketing opportunities for the campaign, drawing interest from other brand and merchandise partners to create added value tie-ins. GetGlue stickers were attached to discount coupons created for the Ghostbusters Blu-ray disc and select Ghostbusters Mattel products. Additionally, we helped promote content for Sony Music: a Spotify player for users to listen to the Ghostbusters soundtrack and a 24-hour Halloween deal on popmarket.com for a Ghostbusters bundle pack featuring the soundtrack and a copy of the DVD.


The campaign generated 75 million online impressions over an 8 week period, achieving exceptional ROI and garnering nearly 876,000 Facebook fans to fortify the franchise for future brand campaigns.


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