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"What is Sony Pictures Interactive?"

We generate greater interaction and conversation for Jeopardy! online by giving fans what they crave: additional ways to connect and increased access to exclusive show content. We execute redesigns of the official Jeopardy! website every two years, build minisites for special episodes and theme weeks and manage the marketing strategy for the Jeopardy! EXP game.

Jeopardy! Offficial Site


With each new season of the show, we re-skin the Jeopardy! official website, refreshing the look of the site and functionality. The website positions contestants at the forefront, allowing users to explore episode-specific videos, photos and contestant information. Homepage promotions for online tests, programming announcements, Jeopardy! partners and other content are rotated each week to align with the show's priorities. Additional site updates include exclusive, weekly clue content, video clues and "spotlight" segments, photo galleries, downloads, announcements and other fun extras aimed at constantly engaging fans. The site also features videos from returning champions, enticing fans to tune in to find out each contestant's fate.

Winner of 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards' "Best Official Game Show Website", the About.com Guide praises the site for being "chock full of information about the show, casting details, tournament winners, upcoming episodes, and contestant news. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the show, as well as some fun interactive elements. The site is updated constantly, and also has one of the best error pages I've ever seen."

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In conjunction with the updates we make to the official website, approximately 6 times per season, we create Jeopardy! minisites promoting the show's remote tapings or special tournaments. Our customized minisites attract a broad demographic, with themes ranging from Teen Tournament and College Championship to Teachers Tournament and Political Power Players. These sites contain video interviews, contestant blogs, photo galleries, virtual tours of the set and partner banner ad placements.



Jeopardy! EXP is a syndicated game that dynamically pulls in an additional question from each category of a day's program. We provide this game exclusively to each affiliate that carries the show in exchange for homepage placement on the affiliate website. The station gets an exclusive piece of content in their market while Jeopardy! gets home page ad placement from the station where viewers can see the show. At its peak, the game was on 90 affiliate sites averaging 20,000 weekly gameplays.


Jeopardy! Online Test


We created the online test application that Jeopardy! uses to screen potential candidates. To facilitate the show's contestant search process, we hold these annual tests for specific age groups ranging from kids, teens, college and adult contestants once per year. To ensure authenticity, tests are conducted simultaneously across the country. Users register in the weeks leading up to the test, log in at a specific time on test night and take a 50-question test that appears in a Flash application. Users type their responses to each clue directly into the test window within a given time frame and cannot pause or go back to change unanswered items. At the end of the test, their responses are automatically forwarded to our database. This process has dramatically enhanced the show's bottom-line — increasing the ease of casting while opening up opportunities to more people and still maintaining high-quality contestants.


Thanks to our comprehensive support, Jeopardy! online continues to be a fan favorite year after year.

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