A Smurf's-eye-view of Central Park was the centerpiece of the digital campaign

Sony Pictures Animation had two objectives for The Smurfs™ digital campaign. The first goal was to introduce audiences to the new, 3D versions of the classic 2D characters. The second objective was to make it clear the story took place in a modern day, real life New York City, and not the fully animated world of Smurf Village. We accomplished both of these goals with a virtual experience that allowed fans to explore the world of the film through the unique perspective of its characters.


To browse the site, users were presented with simple instructions to control a fully-animated, Clumsy Smurf that walked, ran and occasionally stumbled through Central Park. As fans navigate the site, they encounter fellow smurfs along the way who invite them to check out photos, clips and other exclusive material from the film. The game mechanics that drive navigation of the site are complemented by a full suite of character-based games that introduce visitors to the personality of each smurf character.


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To appeal to a broad demographic of fans, we designed a variety of games with a wide range of gameplay and difficulty levels—each highlighting a main character from the film. Games range from the child-friendly hide-and-seek design of Gargamel's Where Are the Smurfs all the way to advanced reasoning games like Brainy's Challenge!, a series of Sudoku-inspired puzzles and Get Brainy About the Smurfs!, a smurfy trivia game. Fans who feel they have a handle on what makes each smurf unique can match smurf characters with their personality traits in Grouchy's Match Game, a randomly shuffled card game as unpredictable as Grouchy's mood swings. All the games incorporated social sharing and were designed to support syndication and localization so they could be offered to partner sites worldwide.

  • Players are challenged to employ game logic as they roll up their sleeves and pour ingredients into Papa's cauldron to create the perfect potion.

  • Gutsy's adventurous spirit is captured in a quest tasking players to launch smurfberries from Gutsy's slingshot to knock over items and rack up points.

  • Players are encouraged to help the ever-thoughtful Smurfette keep a watchful eye on her surroundings by identifying the differences between two similar stills from the film.

  • Players are put in Clumsy's shoes in this side scrolling adventure, stumbling and bumbling through Central Park, avoiding obstacles along the way.


As a global brand, The Smurfs™ campaign was designed for international localization from the start. We built the site and all campaign features to be easily customized and translated for over sixty countries.


We provide source files and support to territories around the world as well as hosting the splash, immersive, tablet and mobile sites for Australia, United Kingdom, Japan and the .net global portal.


Mobile devices ensure families on-the-go are constantly connected. Knowing families would be using mobile to learn about and engage with the film, we decided to replicate the immersive experience of the desktop site for mobile. Kids and parents could explore and discover videos, photos, a soundboard from the film and an issue of The Smurf Times that contains a story synopsis. Rounding out this Smurf-tastic experience are links to purchase tickets and play the popular Capcom app "The Smurfs Village" based on the original TV series.

The digital campaign was integral in promoting online and offline partnerships that drove traffic to our sites. With an unprecedented number of visits across desktop and mobile sites, The Smurfs™ was a global phenomenon, taking in over $560 million worldwide and earning its spot in history as the studio's highest-grossing picture of 2011. In addition, the site was featured as FWA's "Site of the Day" and earned the 2011 Pixel award for best website in the "Movies" category.

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