Saying "I do" to a mobile campaign creates the perfect union between The Vow and audiences


The Vow celebrates the little things in life that bring two people closer together. Taking inspiration from the film's title and themes, we created mobile Vow-chers which enabled our female, on-the-go audience to send sentimental coupons to friends via Facebook or email.



The design concept behind our mobile Vow-chers pushed the film's theme in a way that was accessible to the female target demographic. Fans could select from a wide variety of coupons, ranging from romantic ("I vow to always kiss you goodnight") to friendly ("I vow to take you out to coffee"), to send to anyone they wished. We incorporated the aesthetic feel—color, tone, font—from the film's one-sheet into the look of our mobile Vow-chers and copy. We paired each Vow-cher with an official still featuring one or more of the main characters—whose vow to each other is the central focus of the story.

The Vow


Fans scanned Microsoft Tags tied to out-of-home marketing materials and were immediately driven to a mobile website where simple instructions appeared against a backdrop of the official one-sheet for the film. Swiping across the screen of their smart phone revealed a series of Vow-chers they could tap to save as a gallery image and send via email to their contacts, or click on the Facebook share icon to post to a friend in a private message or on their wall.

We worked within the Facebook API in order to use native Facebook features to maximize sharability. Vow-chers posted to Facebook were accompanied by share copy that advertised the film and was viewable by the user's Facebook friends as updates on their minifeeds. The Vow made studio history, coming in first on opening weekend and continuing on to become the highest-grossing film in Screen Gems' history. The success of the mobile Vow-chers campaign even found its way into the official press junket, enabling members of the media to get in on the fun.

The Vow

The Vow campaign "capitalized on the online frenzy and accelerated a campaign to keep the fans talking."
-Los Angeles Times


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