The #1 show in syndication connects with fans through websites and social media

Wheel of Fortune debuted in 1983 and is the #1 show in syndication today, clocking in at 29 million weekly viewers and millions of online visits each month. To retain its popularity, the show looked to us to help them reach a younger demographic and introduce new ways to interact with the brand online. Given the show's objectives, we manage the brand's official website, episode minisites, social media and online promotions.

Wheel of Fortune


The official website for Wheel of Fortune is constantly updated with relevant site features. These features include contestant registration, weekly show information and news announcements. We feature exclusive blogs from show personalities, ranging from authors like the co-host Vanna White to the contestants themselves. We also supply fans with behind-the-scenes interviews, photos, videos, downloads and virtual set tours. Fans can also access sweepstakes, audience ticketing, email registration and Wheelmobile information directly from the site. Game enthusiasts can explore historical show footage, game descriptions and other fun extras. The comprehensive site offerings make this online destination one the most trafficked television websites.

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We generate up to 12 minisites each year to promote special theme weeks throughout the season. Each minisite we create functions as the hub for all episode-specific material from that week, built around themes like College Week, Pet Lovers Week, Teen Best Friends Week, Sweethearts Week and more. These minisites contain episode photo galleries, videos, virtual set tours, interviews with the staff and contestants and other bonus features. Additionally, we generate shareable polls and quizzes tailored for each site theme to maximize fans' ability to share their interest in Wheel of Fortune across Facebook and Twitter.


We were the first agency to recognize the potential of Twitter as a gaming platform, a combination we believed would be the perfect way to connect the show with a younger fan base. The result was Twitter Toss-Up — a daily version of Wheel only available on Twitter. Managed via a game engine which sends tweets and monitors @replies, Twitter Toss-Up asks fans to follow @WheelofFortune to receive puzzles in the form of tweets with missing letters. Every few minutes, an additional letter is added to the puzzle and a new tweet is sent. The objective is to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, and reply with the solution to @WheelofFortune. If their solution is correct, participants receive a congratulatory message and are credited on a leaderboard by the order of finish. Since the game is played through Twitter, users can play wherever they already are —

Wheel of Fortune


In order to recognize super fans and drive conversation about the show, we created Vanna For a Day, Wheel of Fortune's inaugural video upload contest. To enter for a chance to fill in for Vanna on the show, fans needed to submit a sixty second audition video showing off their best Vanna moves while explaining why they thought they should be Vanna for a day.

Contestants were narrowed down to five finalists and judging was opened to the fans, whose online votes helped us select the winner. The winning contestant was flown to Los Angeles to stay in a luxury hotel suite and treated to a shopping spree and makeover. In addition, the winner was given her own dressing room behind the scenes of the show and a surprise meet and greet with Vanna herself, before going on set with Pat Sajak to assume Vanna's role, turning the letters on the iconic puzzleboard. Readers' Choice Awards named Wheel of Fortune "Best Official Game Show Website" and "Best Game Show Twitter Feed."

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